Bass Drum Pad- White Chocolate

$200.00 CAD


  • 14″ wide
  • Thicker natural gym rubber
  • Canadian maple rim block
  • Made in Canada

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Our bass pad is designed to replicate a standard marching bass drum. It has the same 14″ width as a drum, and a thicker natural gym rubber to more closely mimic the softer rebound feel of a bass drum head. Each pad is hand crafted by artisans in rural Canada. The tubular shell of the pad fits perfectly into marching bass stands and doesn’t slide or move during practice. Another unique feature is our Canadian Maple rim block mounted at the top of each side of our bass pad for the player to strike as they would on the bass drum rim.

-14″ wide

-Thicker natural gym rubber

-Canadian maple rim block

-Made in Canada

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