Cicada Snare Pad

$140.00 CAD


  • -13” diameter
  • -Natural gum rubber
  • -Semi-circle cutouts for snare stands
  • -Foam backing
  • -Hand Crafted in Canada
  • -Internal Mad Pad ball-bearing system to simulate snares
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Introducing our NEW Cicada snare pads! These pads continue the look and feel of our Original Snare Mad Pad with an added feature percussionists will love. Inside each Cicada pad is our Mad Pad ball-bearing system. This feature simulates the sound and response of the snare wires of a modern snare drum. Great for working on control with all of your rolls! That HOT buzz sound is reminiscent of the Cicada song heard throughout the summer months. The Cicada pad is 13” in diameter to help them fit well on both 13” and 14” snare drums, and continues the popular features of the Mad Pads including: Hand crafted by artisans in rural Canada, natural gum rubber for a fantastic feel and a great response, three semi-circle cutouts that help the pads sit perfectly in your favourite snare stand, and include a foam backing on the underside to prevent unwanted rattling, and movement for any surface you practice on!



Black, Stiff Key Blue, White Chocolate

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